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Traveler, Wife, Wine Lover

First and foremost, my love for travel and vacations came from my parents. I am the youngest of three siblings and I felt my parents always made it a priority for us to have memories in different places, see the world when we could, and work hard to make those moments a possibility!

I have been so honored with the support and confidence from clients the past three years. Macy's Travels was established in 2018 out of my little home and since then, has sent more than 300 clients all around the world. The little things I get excited about include: new clients and new destinations I get to send people to, waking up on a Saturday to make the perfect cup of dairy free coffee in my cute Amazon mug specifically reserved for Saturday's, inviting my dogs on the couch, grabbing my favorite Barefoot Dreams blanket, opening my laptop, and working on proposals for all the places in the world there are to see and experience. My brand is an extension of myself and I'm so excited you're here to be apart of it!

When I got older, fell in love, and started planning my own honeymoon, my desire to see the world became so much more apparent because I realized I could NOT decide on a destination to save my life haha. Here came the research and inevitably, my desire to do so for others. We decided on Maui, Hawaii and when I tell you it was the perfect honeymoon for me and my husband, I mean it offered everything I wanted out of a relaxing, dreamy, location and his need for adrenaline based activities, exploration, and a resort both of us loved and will revisit for many anniversaries to come. At this time, I was still working as a receptionist and it was a great job but I knew I wanted to do something I was passionate for, something that honed in on my strangely good skill of researching online for hours, and honestly, a career/name I could build for myself. 

It all started when I got to plan my         honeymoon. 


Since then, I've had the honor of working with over 300 clients
the world.


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